Getting ready for spring

Getting ready for spring


Hi there! 👋


Winter is slowly coming to an end, and with it it’s time for Bunkoya Oozeki’s Spring Pattern Release. 


Yes, you guessed it! This year’s spring pattern is all about Camellias or Tsubaki - 椿 in japanese.

Camellia and its seeds (for Camellia oil) have been used by Japanese people since the Jomon period, which was 2300 years ago! During the 14th century, the samurai came to notice the beauty of the flower. Soon enough it was planted in gardens, used in the tea ceremony and flower arrangements. Today you can see this lovely flower all around the world.

Generally, Camellia symbolizes love, affection and admiration, but the samurai saw them as symbols of bravery. Why? Because despite the cold they bloom in winter. ❄


Our Camellia pattern has been designed in retro modern style. This style is known for being fun and simple. Its easy shapes and bright colors will grab your attention without fail. The different angles and sizes in which the flowers were drawn bring out depth in the otherwise simple design. The cute, plump flowers are adorned with golden stamens and glossy leaves. 🍃

Camellia Small GAMAGUCHI Trifold Wallet


Camellia GAAMAGUCHI Small Clasp Purse