Smells Like Autumn 🐿️🍂

Smells Like Autumn 🐿️🍂

Hello there!  👋


By now you should know that when a new blogpost comes out it’s because we have something new to introduce you… 👀
Well today isn’t any different. So let us cut to the chase and tell you about our new patterns and limited items we’re going to release Today at 19:00, Japan Time.

New Collection

The first new pattern, the Pierrot, will take you to a Circus show 🎪, with confetti flying, balls bouncing and clowns dancing and cycling from left to right. 🤡 This pattern is available in Yellow and Purple.

Pierrot (Yellow) Small GAMAGUCHI Clasp Purse

Next in line is the Sewing. A retro pattern that reminds us of the time we got a glimpse inside our grandmother’s treasured sewing box. From colorful embroidery threads to cute little buttons this pattern is bound to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 😊 A must-have for the crafters too! 🧵
For a short period of time this pattern will be available with a limited edition coloring. 

Sewing Square GAMAGUCHI Clasp Purse

And last but not least the cutest pattern of the year: Foodie Squirrel. 🐿️ This little dude only thinks about one thing. Food. Any kind would do, but his current obsession is that juicy strawberry he has between his paws. 🍓🍓🍓

Foodie Squirrel Small GAMAGUCHI Trifold Wallet

We also prepared a few limited items for the pattern release:

  • Square GAMAGUCHI Clasp Purse
  • GAMAGUCHI Clasp Clutch Purse
  • Small Wallet with L-zipper

So don’t forget, the Annual Autumn Release starts from 19:00 (JST) on the 12th of October! ✨🍂

The Noble Animals are making a comeback too. 🐽

The Noble Animals