AME - Japanese Candy SENSU Folding Fan


We’ve commissioned this beautiful fan from Kyosendo, a longstanding purveyor of Japanese fans in Kyoto since 1832. It has a sophisticated, exclusive Bunkoya Oozeki design, surfaced with a lustrous pearly material and with a cooling openwork design on the ribs (there is no pearly coating on the candy pattern). It’s also infused with a subtle scent, creating a soft, fragrant breeze every time you use it. Add a little elegance and comfort to the hot days of summer with this beautiful and quintessentially Japanese item.

Dimensions: 24 mm (W) x 195 mm (L)
Thickness: About 6 mm (min) to 9 mm (max)
Made from: White bamboo and paper
Ribs: 33
Thickness of outer ribs: About 9 mm
Made in Japan