25%OFF Happy Bundle - KINSHA


Happy Bundle with Bunkoya Oozeki’s longest best-selling item, the purple KINSHA - Persia Tiles Zippered Long Wallet.
You’ll also find a Gamaguchi Small Clasp Purse, a cute Lipstick case and maybe a little surprise in the Bundle. However, the pattern of these items will remain a mystery. Until you open your package, of course.
All of this for 25% OFF of the usual price.

What’s in the Bundle?

・1 KINSHA - Persia Tiles (Purple) Zippered Long Wallet. Guaranteed item.

・1 Gamaguchi Small Clasp Purse.

・1 Lipstick Case.

Worth over 50,000 JPY
※ Note: the patterns of the Gamaguchi Small Clasp Purse and the Lipstick Case will be selected by Bunkoya Oozeki’s team.
※ Gift wrapping is not available for Happy Bundles.
The Christmas promo code is not applicable on Happy Bundles.