【BUNKOYA-OOZEKI’s 97th Anniversary Patterns】Candy House

【BUNKOYA-OOZEKI’s 97th Anniversary Patterns】Candy House

Today, we'll introduce another new design joining our collection: the "Candy House!" 👐🏻


A world resembling a dream of sweets as far as the eye can see, as if it came out of a fairy tale you read when little...

If you peek into the production site for a moment...

▼This is embossed leather before coloring. Even just this conveys a sense of texture with its raised bumps and indentations!

▼And now, we'll color it with delicious-looking colors...!

💡 The highlight of this pattern is undoubtedly the house drawn at the center of the design!

▲This is the Small GAMAGUCHI Trifold Wallet


▲This is the Zippered Long Wallet


Let's zoom in on the pattern and take a closer look! 🔍

▼A door made of chocolate 🍫

▼A pretzel shaped like a nameplate (the salt on the pretzel gives some accent now, doesn't it?)

Cookies and cream, topped with macarons like a roof.

Actually, this roof, in the end, is layered with a thin champagne gold ✨ (To put it in cool terms, it's called 'glaze'! It's like the coating you see on Krispy Kreme doughnuts)

Indeed, comparing the macaron on the roof and the one on the left side of the roof, they both sparkle and shine!

▼To add a sense of imbalance and allow people to enjoy a mysterious world, strawberries are largely depicted

▼Candies are also depicted with bold color combinations, truly resembling foreign sweets! It's quite exciting, isn't it?🍭

▼Nostalgic finger chocolates pop up like a fence

▼A large teacup stands by the roadside with a bang!

▲The cat's paw prints also make you wonder, "Where could it be?" and your imagination expands

▼It feels like the vines of the flowers are beckoning, saying "Come this way," as if you've wandered into a fun maze

Pay attention to the colors of the sweets too!🎨

▼Look at this jam cookie, the jam has a luxurious color...!

Please take a closer look at the exciting, bustling feeling like a jewelry box right in your hands!

The Passport Case has a seamless embossing, allowing you to fully enjoy the pattern♪


▲【A Limited-time item commemorating the release of the design】The Square GAMAGUCHI Clasp Purse (Sorry, this item is already sold out...)


That's all for the introduction to the new Candy House design!

Next time, we will introduce the new addition to the Key Ring series: the 'Retro Cafe'! 😊