【BUNKOYA-OOZEKI’s 97th Anniversary Patterns】Popcorn Girl

【BUNKOYA-OOZEKI’s 97th Anniversary Patterns】Popcorn Girl

97th Anniversary celebratory designs:

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▶Online Store: Wednesday, April 3rd at 7PM(JST)
▶Tokyo Stores: Thursday, April 4th at the time of store opening

This year, we have 2 new patterns and keychains added to our collection.

Popcorn Girl (Available in 2 color patterns)

▼Popcorn Girl (Vitamin Colors)

▼Popcorn Girl (Pastel Colors)

▼Candy House

▼KeyRing (Retro Cafe Designs)

Every design look "delicious😋"

We'll be sharing behind-the-scene stories of creating the new design on this blog.

Today is the "Popcorn Girl" series🌽🍿🌽🍿

▼Popcorn Girl (Vitamin Colors) has a vivid color scheme

▼Popcorn Girl (Pastel Colors) on the other hand have a soft, pastel color scheme

Now, how exactly did it come together...?

【🌽Popcorn Girl: Behind-the-scenes🌽】
We first had this idea A: "What if we take the bumpy texture of corn kernels and give it an artistic twist by using our bunko leather...?"

And then there was idea B: "What if we translate the puffy texture of popcorn into bunko leather...?"

When we spontaneously combined these ideas, a picture emerged as if corn and popcorn were floating in the sky.💡💡

▲Embossed white leather

Oh, it's kind of fun, like Super Mario...!

▼Let's add some shooting star popcorn

▼Let's add a cute girl tightly embracing the falling corn

And as more and more motifs were added,

it became a cheerful and delightful pattern.🍿

▼Even the round slices of corn became cute motifs.

▼The bumpy texture of corn kernels and the puffy feel of popcorn's unevenness

▼Even the corn silk is stylish

Somehow, for some reason... it's dandy...!

▼Dog with a surprised look on its face

▼Various hidden motifs if you look closely

▼Popcorn Girl (Vitamin Colors) have a golden colored popcorn...

▼While the Popcorn Girl (Pastel Colors) has a pearl-silver colored popcorn

Which do you prefer?!

Check out the casually puffed coloring to match the pattern

Makes you want to take the Popcorn Girl and go see a comedy movie at the theater, doesn't it...?!

Next time, We'll introduce another new pattern: the "Candy House."
See you again soon... ✋