What are the highlights of Africa?!

What are the highlights of Africa?!

Continued from last time, here are the details on the new fall designs!

Last time was the "Jasmine" flower design.

Today's new design packs quite a punch...
It is called... "Africa!"

We know all too well that some people may BARELY hold interest with this design; but for those who love it will love it to the core!

This never-before-seen, funky "Africa" design took approximately 10 years (!) to complete, adding design after design over such time.

↑Here's the template for embossing the "Africa" pattern.

There are so many ripen and distinctive designs lined up!

From animals...🐆

to natural landscapes...⛰️

and even mysterious, yet pretty masks!
In Africa, masks are an absolute must during rituals and celebrations; there are various designs depending by each tribe!

This design is imaged after a wall painting.

These fun motifs will surely never bore you!

And take a look at this vivid color-scheme! You'll never find a leather goods like this anywhere else!

▼This is what the "Africa" design looks like before it is colored.

During the competition to decide the overall coloring, our handcraftsmen submitted so many ideas.

▼The colorings below were dropped, but we'll post it here since they're all visually pleasing!

So many creative ideas...! Coloring sure has infinite possibilities now, right?

After several color adjustments, the "Africa" design was at last completed!
We've used plentiful of vivid pink, green and gorgeous gold!
We decided to leave the unevenness and the faint brush strokes on purpose to emit an bold, aggressive feeling.

▼This design is the first design ever to use black as the background color; as a result it gives a tight, sharpened look.

The entirity of the design has a wide coloring area, so the design requires enough time to finish.
However, the handcrafters enjoy coloring this design, since each picture utilizes different color schemes!

Even small items like this make quite a statement!

If a good-looking gentleman had this with him, he'll be the star of the show!

The new Africa designs are available now!