【BUNKOYA-OOZEKI’s 97th Anniversary Patterns】Retro Café Key Ring Series

【BUNKOYA-OOZEKI’s 97th Anniversary Patterns】Retro Café Key Ring Series

Introducing the new addition to our Key Ring collection: the "Retro Café" series!

We have received numerous inquiries even before the release about these 'Retro Café Series Key Rings'. Each of these small items is packed with a lot of attention to detail. We will introduce each one to you individually✨



➊Melon Soda Float

When it comes to cafés, it's all about cream soda! The green of the cream soda, reflecting slightly on the edge of the glass... it's so cute 🥰 The stars in the soda seem to be set pieces of nata de coco, indeed they look crunchy and delicious. This egg-colored vanilla ice cream is irresistible...!


A coffee cup that makes you feel cheerful!🌈 And the biscuits served alongside are apparently millet biscuits. It feels so nice to visit a café that adds a little extra something, doesn't it? Drinking it black can make you feel like a calm adult, and adding milk, stirring with a spoon, watching it swirl around, is also enjoyable... Ah, now I really feel like going to a café ☕

 ❸Omelet Rice

What we focused on was the realistic and delicious-looking egg color and the way ketchup is drawn. Indeed, it's a delicious-looking color!

During the prototype stage, we tried various ketchup form designs, but ultimately settled on the swirling form. The charm point is the octopus-shaped sausage, and the original designer cherishes it under the name Takorinu😊
❹Custard Pudding

In sparkling glassware, there's a large custard pudding, fruits, and even that striped candy... How luxurious it all looks! We insisted on the color of the cherry being just right (it's also included in the Cream Soda pattern). We're very aware that we've only been saying "looks delicious" all along, but this pudding also has a color reminiscent of Morozoff's exquisite-looking pudding. Please enjoy the delicate cut of the glass container as well

▲Behold the tremendous amounts of Custard Pudding!

❺Strawberry Shortcake
Just look at the huge strawberry on top! We expressed the texture of the strawberry seeds, the slightly puffy feel of the decorative cream, and the realistic appearance of the sliced strawberries with embossed indentations, and the gradation of coloring. The cream is generously decorated. The sponge cake is baked to a golden brown, it's the taste of happiness🥰
It makes you want to conquer the entire menu of the Café Bunkoya, doesn't it? It also seems fun to coordinate with friends and family with different patterns...!