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2023🎅 Christmas Designs:

2023🎅 Christmas Designs: "Chocolate Crochet" and "Candy Crochet"

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It's already November... It's hard to believe that there's only two months left until 2024, especially when it's this warm during daytime!These days it's already time for Christmas after Halloween is over (by the way, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan).When it comes to Christmas, have you all already checked...

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What are the highlights of Africa?!

What are the highlights of Africa?!

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Continued from last time, here are the details on the new fall designs! Last time was the "Jasmine" flower design. Today's new design packs quite a punch...It is called... "Africa!" We know all too well that some people may BARELY hold interest with this design; but for those who love...

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What are the highlights of Jasmine flower?

What are the highlights of Jasmine flower?

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Take a sneak peek at the new designs we announce every fall at our online shop!This fall season, two new designs are joining (yay)! We can't wait to tell all the must-see points of the new designs! Today, we'll talk about the Jasmine flower designs.The Jasmine flower we all know have...

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The new

The new "A5 Envelopes" released back in April

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The new "A5 Envelopes" released back in April, allows to file private items as well as top class exterior appearance and enjoy the supreme quality of the bunko leather!So please allow us to demonstrate the various methods to use this item! In Japan, there is a tradition to send cash as...

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Just a short post about our history

Just a short post about our history

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Hello! 👋 Today we’re going to tell you a little bit about Bunkoya Oozeki’s history.  Bunkoya Oozeki was founded in 1927 (that’s right, almost a hundred years ago 🤯) in Mukojima, one of Tokyo’s bustling, working-class neighborhood. But the craft itself goes back even further than that. Bunko leather got...

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