The new 2023 design KARAKO

The new 2023 design KARAKO

Back during Spring of this year, BUNKOYA OOZEKI was able to celebrate its 96th anniversary.
Allow me to explain the new designs which debuted at this time.

The new 2023 designs are:

📌KARAKO (Chinese dolls)

📌Miyabi (Red and Purple)

📌Antique Lace (Blue, Pink and Green)

I'll tell all the backstories regarding the new designs as well as various💡points to check it out!

Today, I'll be introducing the KARAKO (Chinese doll) design!

Just taking a peek of this design will surely make you smile😊

Its notable highlights are the mischievous KARAKO (Chinese dolls) and the overall bright theme 🌈✨

The KARAKO motifs are frequently seen in Chinese dish plates, but the BUNKOYA OOZEKI's KARAKO are unlike any other: humorous and very expressive.
Crawl around, float blissfully in the air...

Since the KARAKO are imaged after Peach and a fairy, their clothing colors are composed of peach pink and peach leaf green, and a blur to make the KARAKO stand out more lively.

The designer for this design loves the KARAKO with the pointed mouth...😚💕

A pattern based on Japanese pottery Imari-yaki, as well as utilizing blue, red, and gold coloring makes it look even more auspicious!

A bright red color sure does brighten one's mood.
According to the coloring craftsman, they put a lot of effort in choosing this red color. I really would like everyone to see this impressive coloring...!
I feel like I want to have a stroll around Chinatown now...😋

The flowers drawn in the center are Peonies, Plum and Chrysanthemums, as well as various clouds surrounding them. Clouds were used as a auspicious pattern that gods dwell within and brings "rain and good harvest."

The kanji written in the design (壱玖弐漆) actually says "1927," the year the workshop was established.

"" pronounced "Urushi" means lacquer.
It's indispensable for the production of our products.

The sap taken from the trunk of the lacquer tree is used in traditional crafts in Japan.

Kind of intersting by the fact that the old kanji for "seven" and the "lacquer" are the same character.