The new 2023 design KARAKO

The new 2023 design KARAKO

Posted by BUNKOYAOOZEKI, 2023spring / karako

Back during Spring of this year, BUNKOYA OOZEKI was able to celebrate its 96th anniversary.Allow me to explain the new designs which debuted at this time.The new 2023 designs are:📌KARAKO (Chinese dolls)📌Miyabi (Red and Purple)📌Antique Lace (Blue, Pink and Green)I'll tell all the backstories regarding the new designs as well...

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The new

The new "A5 Envelopes" released back in April

Posted by BUNKOYAOOZEKI, 2023spring / Bunkoya Oozeki / Spring pattern release

The new "A5 Envelopes" released back in April, allows to file private items as well as top class exterior appearance and enjoy the supreme quality of the bunko leather!So please allow us to demonstrate the various methods to use this item! In Japan, there is a tradition to send cash as...

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